Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

Icynene insulating spray foam pays for itself in just three to four years on average and performs for the life of the building, guaranteed

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Make your workplace a more comfortable place to be whilst saving money on heating bills

Within the commercial sector there is a wide range of buildings and Home Foam can insulate them all, be it Factories, warehouses, commercial barns, metal buildings or Storerooms our spray foam insulation will adhere to all surfaces . We can insulate all commercial building to meet all current and upto date regulations. New, old, large or small.

Return On Investment

One of the largest drains on a business are the ever increasing utility costs, something that all companies large or small can not escape from, using icynene spray foam insulation to combat the escape of warm air through the poorly sealed commercial buildings means a saving on the utility costs, meaning more profit for the company. Companies can expect to see a return on their investment within the 1st quarter utilities bill and can expect to see a full return within 3 years. Weither you own or lease the premises it is ultimately you that is allowing money to escape through the buildings poorly insulated roof and walls.

Maintaining a more comfortable working environment for you and your employees

In addition to creating a more comfortable environment for your workers, Icynene® spray foam can create a safer working environment and benefit their health too. Icynene® creates an air seal to block out materials that can travel through walls such as pollutants and dirt and dust, furthermore, it will prevent the build up of mould.

Occasionally, certain rooms will require a dramatic reduction in work place noise, such as boardrooms, offices, media rooms, operating rooms and hotel rooms, these rooms are often situated in a noisy environment or adjoin a room with frequent activity. An office within an industrial plant, garage, concert hall, swimming pool or classroom can sometimes become unbearable if no sound insulation is used. Whilst we cannot guarantee that Icynene® insulation eliminates 100% of outside noise, it can reduce the levels very significantly.

Eliminating noise, and making a healthier workplace creates a much safer place of work and makes for happier employees.

Approved by many global organisations

As one of the United Kingdoms leading suppliers of Icynene Spray Foam we work closely with the manufacturer to ensure that all of our staff are qualified and experienced in installing Icynene Spray Foam to ensure that your insulation is fitted properly first time every time. By choosing Home Foam to insulate your property you will be ensuring that your Insulation is properly integrated with other building elements for total building performance

  • BBA: The British Board of Agrément (United Kingdom)
  • EEA: European Economic Area
  • VTT: European Technical Approval
  • NSAI/IAB: National Standards Authority of Ireland/Irish Agrement Board
  • ATec: Avis Technique (France)
  • CCMC: The Canadian Construction Materials Centre
  • ICC-ES: International Code Council Evaluation Service (USA)

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