Fire Retardant Insulation

Icynene Classic Plus ‘O’ Spray Foam

The latest addition to the impressive Icynene product range is Icynene Fire Retardant Insulation. Icynene Fire Retardant Insulation is a class 0 fire rated spray foam insulation that has also achieved a best in class surface spread of flame of class 1 ( test range class 1 best to class 4 worst). Utilising a special intumescent coating, Icynene has achieved certification to BS EN 476 Part 6 & 7 in addition to achieving Class 0 in accordance with approved Documents B “Fire Safety” To the Building Regulations 2000.

This Icynene Insulation product is an insulating system with excellent fire resistant properties. It complies with the requirements for a Class 0 surface as defined in Paragraph A12(b) of Approved Document B ‘Fire Safety’ and to the Building Regulations 2000. It has a Class 1 surface spread of flame when tested to BS476 Part 7 1997; when tested to BS476 Part 6 1989 the material achieved a fire propagation index (I) of not more than 12 and subindex (i1) of not more than 6.

This allows the application of Icynene Fire Retardant Insulation to areas and buildings that require a Class 0 fire rated product and Class 1 Surface Spread of flame such as concrete Soffits and floor slabs and allows for the foam to be left exposed in many types of residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural buildings without the need for additional fire retardant measures.

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