Icynene Classic Spray Foam Insulation

LD-C 50 Spray Foam Insulation

ICYNENE LD-C-50 is the product that made the Icynene Insulation name synonymous with premium-quality spray foam insulation. It has been used in thousands of residential and commercial buildings since 1986, consistently outperforming traditional insulation types.

• Open-cell – 8kg/m3
• Thermal Conductivity 0.039 W/mK.
• Light density – 100% water-blown
• HFC- and PBDE-free
• A low-emitting material (LEM) as per CHPS EQ 2.2 Section 01350 (Collaborative for High Performance Schools).

Icynene Insulation is certified and approved by the European Technical Approval Board (ETA), National Standard Authority of Ireland/Irish Agrement Board (NSAI/IAB) and The British Board of Agrement (BBA). Icynene has been successfully tested and certified by the BBA for applications directly to the underside of all types of surfaces and roof underlay’s/membranes with a single layer of tiling/slating battens due to its low water absorption and high vapour resistance. Icynene also has a breathability of 0.0049L/sec/m2 which allows all materials in contact including timber to breathe naturally.

This product is typically used for (Residential – Leisure – Commercial – Industrial)

  • Roof Space
  • Ceilings & Flat Roofs
  • Cavities
  • Under floors
  • Walls
  • Moisture Control
  • Schools / Hotels
  • Narrow Boats / Boat Hulls
  • Caravans and Holiday Homes / Log Cabins


Icynene spray foam insulation can be installed in both new and existing homes, commercial premesis, industrial properties or Agricultural buildings of any shape or design. It adheres to wood, steel and concrete frames alike and is effective in any climate. Icynene is not only used to control temperature but also acts as an effective sound barrier alongside its excellent properties to prevent surface moisture and condensation build up.

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