Spray Foam Insulation For Lofts & Attics

Using Icynene insulation in your loft space is the most beneficial method of insulating a loft space available to date, saving upto 50% in heating costs alone.

Our products adhere to almost every surface be it direct to the underside of the existing old stone tiles to tin roofs and all roofing membranes wither its bitumen or the latest in breathable felts and we don’t have to leave an air breather pocket like rigid insulation boards allowing us to fully fill the rafters with insulation.

The efficiency icynene insulation creates is leading the market due to its capabilities, being The only open cell spray foam of its kind to allow every nook and cranny to be filled due to its expansion properties, every possible air escape point and cavity will be fully insulated and made air tight.

Creating a warm roof envelope is the most beneficial way to keep the warmth in during the winter months whilst in summer making sure your home doesn’t become uncomfortably warm

Roof, Loft spaces and dormas are sometimes hard to reach areas due to the shape the roof creates but we can get into any crawl space using the latest equipment available to us. Current regulations have stated that upto 10inches of alternative insulations need to be used in the loft space. This is massively reducing the available storage space and not allowing floor boards to be installed. With Home Foam insulating the roofline there is no need to lay the 10 inches of poor insulation allowing you to use your loft as you wish


Icynene being an air tight insulating solution helps dramatically reduce noise pollution from the 2 main pollutants
Airborne noise: external noises such as music, television, planes and passing road traffic
Flanking sounds: Sounds originating from within the walls such as plumbing and extractor fans etc

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