Marine Spray Foam Insulation

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation is applicable to boats, barges, shipping containers, boat yards, workshops, yachts, Sunseekers, offices, shower units and warehouses

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Our icynene insulation systems can be used in many different ways, one being within the marine and boat industry

We can use it to not only help with insulating the awkward shapes and areas that most boats posses but to also help with the soundproofing of the outside world. Due to the nature of the expansion within in our spray foam insulation we can reach ‘all’ hard to reach areas allowing us to completely fill gaps, something no other insulation is capable of.

Icynene being 100% water blown gives off no harmful gases, not only this but once installed should you need to cut into the foam you can do so knowing its safe to do so as once applied any chemicals within the foam become inert.

With a Global Warming Potential of just 1 our open cell foam is extremely helpful to maintaining the cleanliness of our environment

Spray Foam Insulation For Marine Craft

Whether you are looking to insulate a Boat, Barge Yacht or Sunseeker, spray foam insulation is the perfect product to choose as it eliminates and prevents condensation, reduces noise and vibrations from passing craft and is a light, low density material that can be applied to unconventional designs which cannot be filled by other materials. Due to its low density Icynene spray foam can be applied in a thinner layer than other insulation types reducing the space required for insulation and maximising the useable area of your craft.

A 30mm application of Icynene spray foam can help to reduce condensation, prevent rust & corrosion, eliminate drafts and leaks keeping your craft cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Spray Foam Insulation For Marine Buildings

Buildings in the marine industry are subjected to some of the most extreme weather in the UK. Due to their exposed positions on waterfronts they have no buffer between them and the elements, especially during storms and high winds. Icynene spray foam insulation can not only help to regulate the temperature, keeping buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer, but also helps to reduce damage to buildings over time by adding to the structural integrity of buildings.

Using Icynene Spray Foam Insulation Helps To Regulate The Temperature Inside Buildings, Reduces Heating Costs, Improves Structural Strength & Creates A More Comfortable Environment To Live & Work

Additional benefits of spray foam insulation for boats include

  • Environmentally Friendly – Helps Maintain Cleanliness Of The Environment
  • Eliminate Condensation – Prevents Rust & Corrosion, Reducing Maintenance Costs
  • Regulates Remperature – Warmer In Winter / Cooler In Summer
  • Quieter Living – Reduces Noises And Vibrations from passing Craft

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